Four People, One Vision - Maverick Deco
Four People, One Vision - Maverick Deco

Four People, One Vision


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Surrealist painting 'Four People, One Vision' made from roasted rice. This surreal picture jars on first viewing. We get confused as we try to work out the scene. The painting looks directly at us, challenging us to understand it. Often, what doesn't click logically will resonate with us on a more emotional level. What do you see when you look at this beautiful rice picture?

  • Size: 35cm x 25cm
  • Material: roasted rice
  • Frame and certificate of ownership included
  • Long-term value and unique
  • Limited edition and limited supply 
  • Ship worldwide from Ireland
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Rice art paintings are made by highly skilled artisans. The work is intricate, and it requires a great deal of expertise and patience. Each painting is the result of many hours of devotion, dedication, and detail.

Dedicated artisans spend average of 25 hours selecting, roasting, sketching, and positioning the rice in order to create their beautiful and unique pictures. The journey from piles of grains of rice to the finished exquisite image is a fascinating one.

There is an art and craft to rice paintings. Rice artists have excellent creative and visual skills and can create beautiful works of art. However, a lot of craft and sheer hard work go into each painting too.

Come with us as we show you how much love, craftsmanship, artistic prowess, and dedication go into each rice painting.


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