Embrace your
inner maverick

Make a personal statement about YOU!

Why Maverick Deco?

At Maverick, we combine the serene, esoteric beauty of Asian rice paintings with the bold, brash attitude of Art Deco.
The result is artworks that make a personal statement about YOU!

Our Mission

Exceptional quality

We aim to deliver high quality at low cost to all our customers. Rice paintings are unique expressions of artistic skill and dedication to craft. 

We are committed to stocking only high quality works of timeless art that will inspire you for many years. Our team of skilled artisans will produce the artworks that you are looking for. 

We expect the exceptional. And that’s what we want to deliver to you!

Personal touch

For us, the greatest value of rice painting is its personal touch. Each painting is handmade. Each grain of rice is pasted into place by the devoted artist’s hands. Our paintings are not printed by machines. They are created by dedicated artists who excel at their craft.

These are individually created artworks that can become very personal gifts for your loved ones. Or they can be expressions of your own values. 


Art has inspired people ever since the first cave paintings decorated the walls of our prehistoric ancestors. It has always expressed feelings and thoughts that we sometimes struggle to find the words for. 

And we want to inspire YOU! Art Deco was a famous expression of bold, unapologetic individualism and exuberant creativity. Get in touch with your own maverick spirit and work with our artists to create your own artworks! 

Our values

Ethical business practices

We expect the highest quality from our team of artisans. And we all work together to ensure that ethical business practices are always maintained. We are committed to ensuring our artisans' safety and wellbeing, so that they can produce their beautiful artworks in a safe environment. 

We also monitor production to make sure that the use of rice for rice paintings does not undermine the food security of people in the region.

Environmentally friendly

Rice paintings are an environmentally friendly artform. They use very little machinery or chemicals. Nearly all the effort comes from the human hands of dedicated artists. 

We are always looking for ways to minimise the amount of plastic that we use. We try to source sustainable material to reduce landfill and to protect the natural environment for the next generation.

Sustainable Supply Chains

We work with supply chain experts to ensure the most efficient paths for our products to reduce the transportation carbon footprint. 

All our artisans are conscious of their environmental duties. They are enthusiastic advocates for environmentally responsible practices in the workplace, ensuring that waste is minimised and recycling is maximised as much as possible

Our promise

Exceptional quality

Rice art is a highly skilled artform, requiring hours of dedicated craft and labour by skilled artisans. The results are beautiful, thought-provoking works of art. We expect art of the highest quality from all our artisans. We expect this because we believe in them and we know that they can deliver.

Great value

You don’t have to be a rich elitist in order to appreciate art. You can build your own rice art collection at very reasonable cost. Our mission is to deliver high quality at low costs. And we always have special offers for those on a strict budget.

Personal statement

We will work closely with you in order to help you find the artwork that best expresses what you want to say. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our gallery, you can commission bespoke artwork using our custom art service!