Made With Love
Made To Last

Grain by grain, a beautiful image emerges

How Rice Art Is Made

Rice paintings are made by highly skilled artisans. The work is intricate, and it requires a great deal of expertise and patience. Each painting is the result of many hours of devotion, dedication, and detail.

There is an art and craft to rice paintings. Rice artists have excellent creative and visual skills and can create beautiful works of art. However, a lot of craft and sheer hard work go into each painting too.

Dedicated artisans spend many hours selecting, roasting, and positioning the rice in order to create their beautiful pictures. The journey from piles of grains of rice to the finished exquisite image is a fascinating one.

Come with us as we show you how much love, craftmanship, artistic prowess, and dedication go into each rice painting.

Step 1

Selecting the rice

Step 2

Roasting the rice

Step 3

Making the sketch

Step 4

Positioning the rice

Step 5

Finalising the picture