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About Maverick Deco

At Maverick Deco, we are committed to delivering unique, customised art that makes bold statements of individuality and creativity.

Maverick: An independent thinker who disrupts the norm and doesn’t simply follow convention.
Deco: An art form famous for brashly celebrating the extraordinary in everyday items.

Unique Never Compromises

What Makes Us Special?

Our Story

At Maverick Deco, we combine the serene, esoteric beauty of Asian rice paintings with the bold, brash attitude of Art Deco. Go beyond the conventional!

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About Rice Art

Rice is the key ingredient in the Asian diet. However, in Vietnam, rice is also a core component of an intriguing art form: rice painting.

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Why Rice Art?

Rice paintings are a unique gift. An intriguing and beautiful art form, a rice painting shows someone that you care. Embrace your inner maverick!

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