Why Restaurants Should Display Rice Paintings

It is often said that people don’t go to a restaurant to admire the paintings. However, displaying artwork can greatly enhance the ambience of any restaurant.

Today, we look at how hanging artwork, in particular rice paintings, can bring numerous benefits to restaurants and cafés.

Consider the restaurant

Displaying artwork can add to the visual elegance of a restaurant. They ensure diners are not staring at bare walls while they are eating. By carefully positioning the paintings, restaurant owners can create an appealing tapestry.

Artwork can effectively complement a restaurant’s overall style and tone. Paintings bring your interior decoration to a new level, especially when they fit visually in with the restaurant’s color scheme. Rice art, with its gentle copper and bronze tones, is ideal for any restaurant hoping to create a warm, relaxing ambience. It can add an “at home” feeling to dining out. Also, the earthy textures of rice paintings, where each individual grain of rice can catch the light, can add a rustic, traditional spirit to the most urban of modern restaurants.

The artwork that a restaurant chooses to display can also become a bold brand statement. Paintings become a chance to reinforce the restaurant’s ethos and mission. If the restaurant is committed to environmental protection, for example, it might choose to display thought-provoking nature paintings to remind us of our debt to Mother Earth.

flower paintings for sale from maverick deco rice art gallery UK

View this rice painting: Purple Petals in Breeze

On the other hand, a restaurant might want to celebrate its location and background with a vibrant urban. The artwork can work with the menu. A restaurant specialising in French cuisine might choose to display paintings of French cities.

Consider the customers

From a purely commercial perspective, a restaurant needs to always focus on its customers. When a restaurant knows its customers, it knows what artwork to display to them. The artworks become an expression of the unspoken bond between the restaurant and its clientele.

A restaurant that caters to modern, trendy, hip diners might decide to display unconventional and edgy abstract art, to hint that both he restaurant and its patrons are at the cutting edge of style. A more traditional restaurant, on the other hand, is likely to favour gentle landscapes and family scenes. Restaurants that cater to diners in the countryside often display nature pictures, whereas urban restaurants choose to promote city scenes.

The paintings can be reassuring for customers, providing positive reinforcement about their choice of restaurant. The better a restaurant understands its customers, the better it can choose which art to display.

Remember, however, that paintings are primarily decorations. They are part of the background. People generally come to restaurants to relax in friendly company. Artworks should not be so brash that they intrude on the private comfort.

That being said, a well-placed artwork can become a lively conversation starter, or maybe even trigger memories in the diners. Restauranteurs need to carefully consider what impact they want the artwork to have.

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View this surrealist painting: Light for a Friend

Consider the physical impact of the artworks on diners too. The artwork should never be overwhelming or intrusive. If it is, diners may feel that their space is being invaded.

The colours of the paintings can have a physical impact too. Did you know that different colours affect people’s appetites differently? Warm colours, such as reds and yellows and oranges, trigger the hunger sensation. Blue and other cold colours, on the other hand, can suppress appetite. The warm tones of rice paintings in a restaurant could lead to diners ordering more food!

Consider the art

In Parks and Recreation, Ron Swanson famously said about art that “anything is anything”. All art makes a statement. Restaurants need to consider what they want their art to say.

Obviously, people come to restaurants to relax. They don’t want to be confronted with controversial or disturbing artworks. A provocative piece of art can become a point of focus in a restaurant, but a balance needs to be found between being provocative and not making customers feel uncomfortable.

Abstract rice art can be a good choice for restaurants because it can become a conversation trigger and add an element of curiosity to the décor. Carefully chosen animal paintings can also become reflections of the restaurant’s values. In addition, the artworks might complement the menu, and become part of the dining experience.

By displaying art, restaurants are also making public their appreciation of, and support for, artists. Indeed, some restaurants even offer their displayed artwork for sale. The allows that restaurant to become an informal gallery, and the owner a patron of art. By displaying rice paintings, for example, restauranteurs can help to keep a unique and unconventional artform alive.  

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