Why Hotels Should Display Rice Paintings

The ideal hotel is like an enhanced version of home. It feels familiar and comfortable, with some unexpected twists of originality. And someone else does the laundry, cooks the meals, and washes the dishes!

Artwork can go a long way to helping hotels create the warm, welcoming atmosphere that encourages customers to come back again and again.

Rice art gives any hotel a delightful touch of the unique and the unusual. Discover how you can bring the maverick spirit to any hotel.

Capturing a spirit

The art that a hotel displays is, in many ways, a statement of its values and philosophy. Slick, modern hotels like to display edgy, contemporary art that jolts people with the shock of the new. More traditional hotels warm to classic landscapes and relaxing, impressionistic images. Budget hotels might choose practical, no-nonsense urban art and sketches.

By displaying rice paintings, hotels are declaring that they are a little bit different, that they have a slightly rebellious streak. They are aiming to shuffle out of stuffy convention and create something new. They want to make an unusual statement that attracts attention, sparks conversations, stimulates thought, and delights customers.

Maverick Deco's abstract collection enables hotels to display paintings that capture the hotel’s values, such as extra service, welcoming hospitality, enduring excellence, or attention to details. A collection of abstract rice paintings can create an intriguing mosaic that captures a hotel’s journey. The hotel almost becomes an art gallery about itself. 

Rice art at hotel reception

View this rice painting: Purple Petals in the Breeze

Rice paintings can also motivate staff. Surrealist pictures can add a quirky, whimsical feel to the work environment. Potent animal art can motivate and energise staff. And relaxing landscape art can help staff calmly deal with the daily stresses of a busy hotel.

The versatility of rice art means that hotels can easily shuffle and change paintings as the hotel’s own brand and values evolve. The hotel and the art embark on a creative journey together!

Some hotels have a unique voice, and they require unique art. We offer a custom art service, where clients can order bespoke works of rice art, collaborating with our skilled artisans to realise a distinctive artistic vision.

On a purely practical level, rice paintings also add to the visual aesthetic of a hotel. Stark, forbidding bare walls become warm, inviting artistic displays.

Helping guests relax

Like any business, hotels rely on their customers. The most successful hotels have a pool of loyal customers who return many times a year. The hotel becomes the customers’ home away from home, familiar and inviting.

Having rice art in a hotel lobby can make an immediate impact on customers. After all, the lobby is the “shop window” of the hotel. It’s where first impressions are made and where reputations can be wrecked. Carefully selected rice art in the lobby invites customers in to explore your hotel. It arouses curiosity and makes a hotel stand out from the conventional.

The hotel bedroom is where people can relax and unwind, taking time out from their sightseeing tours or conference events. It is a very personal space, where guests expect to feel comfortable, secure, and at peace. Calming nature rice art can help create a soothing ambience in the room, while also reminding customers that this is a special place, a unique treat. Some hotels might choose to display city art, depending on their location, reminding guests of points of interest near the hotel.

Rice art in hotel bedroom

View this landscape rice painting: Lighthouse Birds in Flight

Abstract rice art can add a subtle touch of professionalism to any hotel conference room. Rice paintings can be selected to inspire creativity, motivate teamwork, or spur people to excellence.

Most hotels offer restaurant service. Check out our recent blog to see how rice art can enhance the dining experience in a hotel restaurant.

Supporting art (and artists)

When they display rice art, hotels are showing their support for art and artists. Remember that rice paintings are not mass produced. Each rice painting is a work of individual artistic creation. All paintings were made with great care by skilled and dedicated artisans. Rice art reminds us how important these skills are.

Rice paintings help hotels create their own brand identity and display their values for guest to see. And they help ensure that guests have a memorable experience when they visit the hotel.

Rice art in hotel lobby

View this rice painting: Sails at Sunset

Looking for rice paintings to display in your hotel? Browse our online gallery.