Why Choose Rice Art For Your Office

During the 2020 pandemic, many of us have become used to working from home. This, of course, has required some adjustments, such as establishing a disciplined routine to ensure productivity; balancing the needs of work and family in the same space; maintaining contact with colleagues; and ensuring work-life balance to avoid burnout.

One way that many people sought to deal with the “new normals” of work life was to set up a home office. This might be in a spare room, in a guest bedroom (because no one is going to have guests these days!), in the attic, in a neglected corner, or even in a separate space, such as the garage or outdoor cabin.

Like any personal space, you are likely going to want to establish your mark on your home office. You want it organised in a way that maximises your efficiency. You want to make sure that your creature comforts are close at hand. You want it to encourage rest as well as work. And you want to decorate it in order to personalise it.

What do you need to bear in mind when decorating your office?

Where should you hang the rice art?

First, remember that clutter is the enemy of productivity! Your rice painting should enhance your work space and complement any other art or crafts you have on display. It should never be a distraction or simply take up space.

Choose a wall to hang the rice painting on. Depending on the size of the wall (and of the rice painting), you might consider having nothing but the rice painting on the wall. This ensures that the picture has room to breathe and can make maximum impact. However, you don’t want the painting to look lost in a vast, empty space. If the wall is large and empty, you could choose to display a number of small rice paintings, such as variations on a theme (a series of animal paintings, for example). Or you might choose to display a nature painting and display flower prints beside it. Remember, however, not to clutter up the wall. You’re not creating an art gallery, after all!

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View this rice painting: Sail Away

The computer or laptop monitor is likely to be the focal point of the work space. After all, this is where you spend most of your day gazing into. You should position your rice painting so that it doesn’t distract from the monitor. You might choose to display it on a wall adjacent to your monitor, so that you have to turn your head away from the monitor in order to look at the painting.

Likewise, you don’t want the monitor to distract from the painting, so it’s best to ensure that you don’t look at both at the one time. Indeed, swivelling your chair away from the monitor in order to look at the painting is a nice way to relax your eyes and mindfully contemplate the painting, whilst enjoying that well-deserved beverage and biscuit.

Who is the rice painting for?

In most cases, you put a rice painting in your office for your own pleasure. It gives you something nice to look at. You may use the painting to relax you, inspire you, or motivate you. It might even be a special piece of customised art that you commissioned for your office.

In some cases, however, you might choose a rice painting that will resonate with your customers or clients. Although it’s unlikely that people will be visiting your home office, be aware that people still do interact with your office. When you’re on a video call, for example, people can see your office in the background. With this in mind, you might want to choose a suitable rice painting that’s visible on the wall behind you when you’re in a virtual meeting. It could become a conversation starter!

What is the rice painting for?

Having considered the who, you also need to think about the what and why. What is the purpose of the rice painting? Why are you hanging it in your office?

Maybe it’s purely for decoration. A rice painting is a great way to counteract the starkness of a bare wall. The subtle tones of rice art can also perfectly complement the wood grain of an outdoor or attic office. Our online art gallery has many examples of eye-pleasing rice art that will lift the most barren walls.

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View this surrealist painting: Four People, One Vision

Perhaps you want a rice painting that reflects your values. Our abstract rice art collection has many thought-provoking paintings that explore universal values and questions. Or, if you want to promote environmental concerns, you might decide to display some of our nature rice paintings, for example. Or perhaps you might choose a quirky piece of conceptual art to reflects your organisation’s unconventional ethos. Or maybe one of our surrealist paintings embodies your or your organisation’s spirit.

Some people display rice art in order to motivate themselves. And some prefer to use it as a cue to relax. Whatever your motivation, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our online gallery.

Where do you want to go to?

Have you ever sat at your desk and wished you were somewhere else? The classic example of this is someone sticking up a postcard of a beach holiday to their cubicle wall. Contemplating the golden sands and blue skies helps get the office worker through the drudgery of another dark winter’s day at the desk.

Rice paintings can perform the same function. If you have a favourite place, a rice painting of that place is a pleasant reminder that can trigger escapist daydreams. Perhaps it’s a picture of a languid boat on a calm ocean. Or wild flowers at sunset. Suddenly you are far away from your office and relaxing in nature’s nourishing embrace.

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View this surreal painting: Falling Dominoes

Many people have a favourite city. It may be where they grew up or somewhere that they visit regularly. Or maybe they’ve just seen it in films, and it resonates with them on some emotional level.

You might be attracted to financial buzz of London. Or perhaps the chic style of Paris catches your eye. Maybe you prefer the quirky curves of Barcelona. It might be the restful canals of Amsterdam, or the timeless majesty of imperial Rome. Or maybe you’ve never forgotten the magic of your first Prague sunset, or the pristine beauty of a Berlin morning. Let your rice painting transport you to favourite city. Browse our urban art collection for some examples, or commission your own customised artwork.

When does your work space become your personal space?

If you bear all these tips in mind, you’ll be able to turn your work space into a personal space. Find the optimum position for displaying your rice art. Decide on the size of your painting, and indeed the number of paintings. Have a clear objective in mind when displaying your painting. And ensure that it doesn’t distract from your work. Art should always enhance your work day.

Whether it’s for your own pleasure, or your clients’ or colleagues’ benefit, your rice painting can make powerful statement about you and your work ethic.

Remember, if you can’t find exactly the right piece of rice art for your office in our gallery, you can contact us at hello@maverickdeco.com to order a personalised art work instead.