What Makes Rice Paintings Different?

You probably heard about oil paintings and acrylic paintings, so what about rice art paintings? At Maverick Deco, we want you to find the perfect gift for any occasion or unique paintings for your home or corporate office. We understand how important gifts are in expressing your values and showing loved ones how much you appreciate them.

Handmade rice paintings are a unique gift, one that can’t be picked up in just any shop on the High Street in London art gallery or Paris art nouveau gallery. They are special gifts for when you want to say something special.

So, why are rice paintings different?

A unique gift

Rice paintings are a unique and unusual gift. An intriguing and beautiful art form, combing art and craft, a rice painting shows someone that you care. That an ordinary, everyday gift just doesn’t do it for you. That you’re willing to go beyond the conventional.

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View this rice painting: Faces in Nature

People like to be surprised by an unexpected gift. Although rice paintings are as beautiful as traditional paintings, their unique form and texture make them a truly unique gift.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in our online art gallery, you can work with our artisans to create your own personalised paintings and custom art!

Handmade by artisans

Rice paintings are not factory-produced on a soulless assembly line. They are handmade by dedicated, skilled artisans. They involve both art and craft.

Our painters spend many hours selecting exactly the right rice, and carefully roasting it to capture the right colours for the painting. This results in a selection of shades of white, brown, yellow, and black that can be blended to create an exquisite mosaic.

Having assembled the rice, they then turn their skills to creating the painting. Each single grain of rice is put in place by hand to create a unique vision. Every grain adds to the paintings. And the whole is truly much more than the sum of its parts. Just as every note contributes to a symphony, every grain of rice contributes to the artist’s vision

By purchasing rice art, you are helping to keep this unique craft alive.

In our online art deco gallery, you can find a variety of expertly crafted artworks, including landscape paintings, abstract paintings, animal painting, surrealist paintings, nature paintings, religious art, and even urban art

An expression of your values

"Rice paintings can be a beautiful expression of your values"

Emotional values

Rice artists love their craft. They spend many hours devoted to preparing, assembling, and pasting the rice. The rice painting is the result of that devotion. Show your love for someone with a gift made with love and dedication. Feel the love in every grain.

Cultural values

Rice paintings are traditionally used to represent some of the values of Asian cultures, such as serenity, hospitality, community, hard word, and gentle, good humour. This is why so many visitors to asian countries buy rice paintings as a reminder of their trip. They are a unique expression of asian culture, and a reminder of the talents and creativity of its people.

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View this rice painting: Swing in the Breeze

However, rice paintings can reflect your own cultural, spiritual, or enterprise values too. You might want an abstract painting that captures the essence of love, hope, loyalty, generosity, or endurance. You might want enterprise paintings that evoke the principles of quality, hard work, customer dedication, or corporate social responsibility.

Remember, if you can’t find exactly the painting you need in our gallery, you can commission a personalised artwork that captures your own values and beliefs. 

A painting that lasts

Rice paintings are the result of many hours of work. And they are made to last!

They are strengthened by hours in the hot sun as the rice grains dry in to take their permanent place in the picture. They are varnished to protect them from rodents and insects. And they are housed in sturdy frames to create a beautiful but durable artwork.

Your rice paintings will last for many years! They are even waterproof.

Art that loves nature, and the environment

Many rice paintings celebrate the beauty of nature. Our online gallery has numerous examples of abstract paintingslandscape paintings, nature paintings, and animal paintings.

Our painters know how important nature and the environment are. We all share this planet, and we must do our best to preserve it so that future generations can continue to be inspired by nature’s beauty.

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 View this rice painting: Antlers in Autumn

Rice paintings are handmade by dedicated artisans. The environmental impact of the artistic process is kept to a minimum because the work requires very few chemicals.

Rather than relying on carbon-belching machines, rice paintings are made with traditional hard work by devoted human hands.

Making a unique connection

Today, in many ways, we are more connected than ever before. Our digital, always-on lifestyles mean we can get in touch with people on the other side of the world in seconds. However, as we’ve become more connected by technology, we are perhaps losing the value of more personal, human connections. Instead of taking the time to have a deep conversation with someone, we rely on short text messages and memes instead. Instead of sending an individual, specific message to a loved one, we post a message online or in a group chat.

In this environment, thoughtful gestures become even more important and appreciated. A well-chosen gift stands out as a unique gesture, a more powerful message than an off-the-cuff digital shout out. urban art for sale in berlin

View this rice painting: Vanishing Point

A rice painting is a tangible, highly personal gift to give to someone. It shows that you go beyond easy convention in order to let someone know how you feel about them. It’s an individual statement that strengthens the bonds that unite us on a human level.

Customised for you

You are unique. And handmade rice paintings are a unique gift.

But what if you’re looking for something even more special?

Your rice painting could become a timeless expression of who you are! Or it could say exactly what you want to say when you can’t find the words.

Contact us for more information on how to commission your own personalised artwork. Then begin your creative maverick journey with us!