Start of a Maverick Journey

In 2020, Maverick Deco started a journey. It had a simple, clear mission: bring the exquisite art of rice painting to a wider audience.

Working with our team of skilled artisans, we aim to bring you the finest examples of this truly unique artform.

At Maverick Deco, we combine the serene, esoteric beauty of Asian rice paintings with the bold, brash attitude of Art Deco. The result is artworks that make a personal statement about YOU!  

Our origins on the journey to rice art

Have you ever needed to find a unique gift for a loved one or a special occasion? Or maybe you’ve wanted to mark a milestone in your own life with a thought-provoking gesture.

Whenever we’ve searched for unique, handmade gifts, we’ve always hit an obstacle. We wanted something that was handcrafted, so that we could support artisans and keep crafts alive. However, such pieces tended to be very expensive.

We set out to unravel this conundrum: find beautiful, handcrafted and unique gifts at an affordable price.

Our journey took us to Asia where we had the opportunities to work with many highly skilled artisans.

Ho Chi Minh City

Here, we found what we were looking for: breath-taking rice paintings, constructed lovingly by hand, but available at prices that didn’t bust the budget!

And we explored a rich array of subjects, including nature paintingsurban paintingslandscape paintingsanimal paintingsreligious paintingssurrealism paintings, and abstract art paintingsWe also produce commissioned, personalised art

surreal painting and original art for sale uk

View this rice painting: Falling Dominoes

What particularly attracted us to this artform was its uniqueness. These were highly unusual and individual works of art that weren’t available on the high street or conventional stores. They were almost like a secret artform. And that made them all the more special.

A maverick spirit behind each painting

Who would these unique paintings appeal to? This was the question we pondered when we compared our artform with other types of painting such as oil paintings, acrylic paintings or prints. They would appeal to people who were looking for an unusual gift. People who wanted something that you couldn’t pick up in just any mall or shopping centre. Something that wasn’t mass-produced in an anonymous factory.

"Rice paintings would appeal to people who think beyond the conventional. People who don’t settle for the ordinary or the usual. People who don’t slavishly follow trends and hashtags.

They would appeal to people who were independent thinkers and who were looking for unique gifts.

They would appeal to mavericks!"

The original maverick was, perhaps not surprisingly, a Texan! Back in the mid-19th century, rancher Samuel A. Maverick became famous for not branding his herd of 400 cattle. He let them roam free. To this day, the word maverick is used to describe unbranded cattle.

Maverick is also used to refer to people who are independent thinkers and disruptors. These are people who break away from crowd. They don’t follow the herd. They don’t vote along party lines. Like Maverick’s cattle, they roam free, making their own path. No one has put a brand on them!

An Art Deco soul within rice art

The idea began to take shape in our heads. A vague idea at first, of course. But just like a rice painting, each individual thought began to come together to make a clear, vivid picture.

We knew the spirit of the company. It would be as individual and unconventional as a rice painting. A maverick spirit captured in maverick art.

But what type of art would it be? What art movement would it refer back to?

Looking at the New York skyline one night, we found our answer! Among the soaring skyscrapers, one building always stands out, beautiful and unique, daring and unconventional. The glittering Chrysler Building has graced the skyline since 1930. In fact, it was the tallest building in the world for a few months, until it was overtaken by its near neighbour, the Empire State Building.

The Chrysler Building is one of the masterpieces of the Art Deco movement. This was a bold artistic movement that celebrated the extraordinary in the ordinary, the marvellous in the mundane. Everyday functional objects could become works of art. A matchbox could be a masterpiece.

Art Deco emerged in France in the 1920s, and it became a heady combination of modern and modernist ideas that were swirling through the cafés and salons. It soon became synonymous with style, luxury, fine craftsmanship, modern thinking, and unconventional attitude.

It was loud. It was brash. It was unapologetically unique.

It was maverick!

Join us on our journey

And so, Maverick Deco was born. We celebrate the unconventional, the bold, the uniqueness of the free thinker. And we appreciate the skill of the artisan, the vision of the artist.

"For us, rice paintings embody the spirit we aim to cultivate: unique expressions of artistic imagination and artisan dedication. They are the product of the dreamer and the craftsman, the result of love and hard work."

We stock a wide range of rice art in our online art gallery: landscape paintings, animal paintings, portrait paintings, religious paintings, nature paintings, city paintings, landmark paintings, abstract paintings, and flower paintings.

Looking to express your own maverick spirit? You can work with our artisans to create your own unique piece of custom-made art.

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