Six Benefits of Hanging Rice Art in Your Home

Today, we explore how hanging rice art in your home can benefit your mental health and overall well-being. Not only are rice paintings pleasant to look at, they can also lift your mood and your spirit, bringing you to a better place mentally.

First, consider some of the practical benefits of hanging rice art in your home. Rice paintings can be used to decorate any room of your house, adding a unique touch to an otherwise bare wall. Also, by purchasing rice paintings, you are supporting skilled artisans and keeping a very special art form alive. And remember that art is not just a purchase; it’s an investment!

But what about the mental health and well-being benefits? The six main benefits of rice paintings are:

  1. They can express feelings that you might struggle to express yourself
  2. They can be a form of self-expression
  3. They help you stamp your identity on a space
  4. They can promote values that are important to you
  5. They help to take you to another place
  6. They trigger a positive emotional response

1. They can express feelings that you might struggle to express yourself

The essence of all art is that it expresses feelings that resonate with us. We might not be able to understand an artwork on a rational level, but you we can sense how it makes us feel. It is a cliché to say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a picture can perfectly encapsulate something important that we want to say.

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View this rice painting: The Flow of Colour

 Abstract rice art, in particular, can help us get in touch with feelings and concepts that we sometimes struggle to verbalise. And when a rice painting resonates with you on an emotional level, hanging that picture in your home helps you to tap into those emotions whenever you need to.

Take a look at our online art gallery to see which rice art you respond to most strongly.

2. They can be a form of self-expression

Pictures are, of course, an expression of the painter’s artistic skill and vision. The artist wishes to express something, and chooses to do so through the medium of rice art.

However, you don’t have to be an artist yourself in order to express your artistic creativity. The collection and display of any form of arts and crafts can be an expression of your own creative journey.

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View this rice painting: Windmills in the Sun

For example, you might collect a series of landscape paintings because nature scenes capture your own sense of identity. You might see yourself as a free spirit who is in touch with nature, and displaying nature rice art could an expression of your self-identity. In this way, collecting rice art can spur fruitful introspection.

One of our most popular services is the custom art service. This enables you to take artist self-expression to a higher level as you collaborate with our artisans on your own creative journey.

3. They help you stamp your identity on a space

On a purely practical level, a home is a building where you reside. It is made of concrete, metal, glass, wood and other materials. It satisfies your basic, biological need for shelter.

Of course, a home is much more than a shelter. It is your living space, and you want to make it your own. When people move into a new house, for a while they refer to it as “the house”. But in time they begin to refer to it as “our home”. It is more than a shelter now. It is a place where you (and your family) can relax in private and be yourselves.

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 View this rice painting: Light for a Friend

Hanging surrealism paintings around your home is a great way to stamp your identity on a space. The pieces you choose and display, over time, become part of your memories of home. You look at a rice painting and you remember how you felt when you bought it and where your life journey was then.

4. They can promote values that are important to you

Artists often create art to express their values and opinions. At times, this can be mere propaganda. Other times, art becomes can intriguing commentary on social, political, or human issues, and raises thought-provoking questions.

The rice paintings that you choose to display tell people what values are important to you. You might choose to display abstract, motivational rice paintings. Or maybe you collect religious rice art to gently announce your faith.  

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View this religious rice painting: Buddha in Contemplation

Your beliefs and opinions are important, and you don’t have to be shy about expressing them. The rice art you display in your home can become a great conversation starter, provoking stimulating debate or thoughtful discussion.

5. They help to take you to another place

People often look at art in order to transport themselves mentally to another place. In this sense, rice art can become a doorway to escape.

We all have special places in the world, places where we feel most at ease and in touch with our surroundings. Urban rice art can help you take your thoughts away from your daily tasks and chores and turn your thoughts to the places that inspire you. And landscape rice art can help you escape to the loving embrace of nature.

6. They trigger a positive emotional response

The importance of mental well being to our overall health is increasingly recognised. Holistic medicine looks beyond physical ailments to explore emotional and mental wounds too.

Just as good food and regular exercise can nurture the physical body, rice art can nurture our mental health. When we find a picture that we like, it can trigger a positive emotional response in us every time we look at it. It could be our favourite place or animal. It might be a natural scene from nature paintings that speaks to us on an emotional level. Or it could even be a picture of a loved one. Alternatively, it might be a positive piece of conceptual art that motivates and uplifts us when we gaze on it.

As you browse our gallery, pay particular attention to pieces trigger positive feelings for you.


Collecting rice art will give you some physical exercise. You’ll have to open the box and extract your rice art. You’ll have to hang it on the wall. And you’ll have to clean it.

However, the most potent benefits of rice paintings are the positive impacts they have on your mental well-being. As your collection grows, so does your reservoir of positive feelings, motivation, and happy memories.