Why Choose Rice Art for Home Decorations

The paintings we choose we make say a lot about who we are. In fact, our choices are often expressions of our identity. What we choose tells people what we believe in, what’s important to us, and how we see ourselves.

So why should you choose rice art pictures? What can they say about you?

Rice paintings as decorations for your home

Art pictures and paintings have been used to decorate homes for centuries. Art and craft can add life and flair to an otherwise empty or colourless space. Paintings are also status symbols, as some people become collectors of fine and rare art and craft. What starts as a hobby could in time evolve into an exclusive art gallery. (Of course, you don’t have to be a bored millionaire in order to build your own art collection!) On a less lofty level, rice paintings are also expressions of identity, a chance for people to stamp their own presence on a living space.

From a purely aesthetic point of view, rice artworks can liven up any living space. Roasted rice paintings have intriguing tones and lines that make them a unique and unconventional art form. From subtle shades of yellow, white, and brown emerge delightful and thought-provoking pictures. And coloured rice art paintings add an unusual vibrancy and flair to your walls. Carefully matching a painting with other items in a room can be a rewarding creative exercise.

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View this rice painting: Solitary Birds

There are numerous psychological and emotional benefits to having art works displayed in your house. The traditional Chinese art of feng shui emphasises the importance of creating a harmonious living or work space. A well-placed rice painting can subtly interact with other ornaments and furniture to give a room an integrated and pleasing character.

Consider the emotional impact that art can have on us too. Sometimes, a cheeky or mischievous painting can bring a smile to our face. A thought-provoking abstract painting might become an engaging conversation starter. And a calming nature painting might help us to relax as we get lost in the scene. Sometimes, of course, we are looking for something a bit more energetic. Many companies have found the benefits of placing motivational art in their offices and working areas. A well-chosen image accompanied by an apt aphorism might encapsulate a company’s values or mission. A motivational rice painting might spur you to greater success in your own home office. 

View this rice painting: A Game of Chess

There is also something very tactile about rice art. Paintings are of course a tangible addition to any room. They have form and character. But rice art takes this a step further by have extra textures. You can feel each grain of rain in the painting and see how it contributes to the overall picture. Rice paintings have a very satisfying feel to them.

No matter how long we’ve lived in a space, we are always looking for ways to leave our unique, even unconventional, imprint on it. As we get older and our beliefs, values, and experiences change, we may want to change what we display in our home. Of course, the great advantage of paintings is that they are not a permanent fixture. You can easily replace them or move them from room to room.

Think about how rice art could be integrated into your home’s identity. Maybe a nice calming piece of nature art for the bedroom. Or a lively example of city or landmark art in your living room. Or maybe you’d like to display a customised portrait. In your home office, you could display an abstract painting that helps to focus your mind on your goals.

Rice paintings as expressions of your identity

Rice art can give you home a character. However, your rice painting collection can also become an expression of your own beliefs and philosophy. Rice paintings are unique and handmade; everyone is different. Just like you, they are individual expressions.

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View this rice painting: Vanishing Point

Perhaps you have a favourite city or landmark. Or maybe a favourite place in nature, that special “happy” place where you like to escape to. Urban rice paintings are a unique way to display your love of place.

Religious art is a very personal way to express your private beliefs. Religious rice paintings are beautiful to look at, but they are also made with devotion and are expression of timeless beliefs. Displaying religious rice paintings in your home is a way to invite others to discuss your beliefs and open deep conversations.

Of course, values are by their natures intangible and conceptual. Abstract art can be a useful way to encapsulate the ideas that close to your heart. When they are accompanied by a carefully chosen quotation or saying, or just the perfect word, abstract rice paintings can become a doorway into your philosophy.

You can browse our rice art gallery to find examples.

Building your rice painting art collection

We mentioned earlier that you don’t have to be a millionaire to start an art collection. The decorations you display in your home can become your own art collection. As well as adding character to your home, you can enjoy the pleasure of building up your own art collection. And remember, rice art can’t be just bought in any shop. It is a rare and unconventional art form. So your collection will have a very unique character.

You then also have the pleasure of curating your own collection. As you collect pieces, you can decide where to display them. Perhaps what was once a bedroom decoration can become a dining room decoration. A quirky piece of abstract art that looked well in your home office might also add a touch of humour as a bathroom decoration.

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View this nature rice painting: Purple Petals in Breeze

Rice art is a unique art and craft. And it is a hand-made art form. The paintings are made with great care and dedicated by skilled artisans. By purchasing rice art, you are supporting these artisans in their creative journey. And you can join them in this creative journey by ordering your own custom-made rice paintings.

By taking part in this journey, you are keeping this wonderful art form alive.

Wondering how you can best display your rice art? Stay tuned for a future blog on this subject.