Choosing Rice Paintings for Your Bedroom

Welcome to the first of our blogs focusing on choosing the right rice art for different rooms in your house.

Here, we look at what rice paintings you should hang in your bedroom.

Choosing the right subject

According to Good House Keeping, hanging pictures is one of the creative ideas to transform your master bedroom into a haven. The bedroom is usually the most relaxing room in the house. After all, this is where you sleep and dream! So you want your rice painting to add to that sense of calm.

What types of art are best suited for bedroom decorating ideas? First, you might consider relaxing nature paintings, such as images of mountains, calm landscapes, or lazy streams. When choosing nature paintings for the bedroom, avoid nature scenes that convey energy or excitement. Calm streams are preferable to raging oceans!

Animal paintings are another option. Again, you will want to choose animals in states of repose, conveying a sense of tranquility. Horses racing across the grass may not achieve the effect you are looking for! Instead, animal paintings depicting solitary creatures gazing at the sunset might create that pleasant, slumbering atmosphere you see as you unwind from the busy day.

animal painting for sales new york

View this animal rice painting: Antlers in Autumn

What about abstract art or nature paintings? Here again, you need to choose your subject carefully. Some abstract art is designed to stimulate the mind and provoke lateral thinking. As a result, you might find yourself going to bed with an over-stimulated brain!

A wedding painting or anniversary painting can be another option for couples that are in a relationship or are married. Such beautiful and unique rice paintings show how you truly appreciate your relationship.  

However, other abstract paintings help to soothe a busy mind. For example, our abstract art Time Drips Away perfectly captures that netherworld between wakefulness and sleep, when the barriers between logic and imagination melt away.

Of course, you might have your own perfect in mind for your bedroom. In this case, you could order a piece of personalised art.

Remember, the rice painting is likely the last thing you’ll see before you go to bed, so choose a painting that is likely to draw you into a good night’s sleep.

Choosing the right colours

Our roasted rice art uses relaxing tones of yellow and brown. These will help to create a warm, blissful atmosphere. Our nature art and animal paintings, in particular, make maximum use of these soothing textures and soft lines.

Also consider the other colours in your bedroom. Once you have chosen your rice paintings, you may want to choose new bedclothes that complement the rice art. Or you may choose patterned fabrics that interact with the patterns in the picture.  

Bear in mind the lighting in your bedroom too. You want to avoid having a rice painting with very bright colours. However, if your room is naturally dark or shaded, you also want to avoid having a dark painting in the room.

abstract painting for sale in oslo

View this abstract rice painting: Abstract Flows

Choosing the right size

Unlike in other rooms, you probably don’t want your rice art to make a dramatic impact in the bedroom. It should soothe, not startle. Consider the size of your room and choose a size that is not going to overwhelm your wall.

You might also choose to create a casual pattern of small pictures to create a dreamlike effect. 

At Maverick Deco, every rice painting has different sizes. If you are looking for a different size, please contact our customer support team.

Choosing the position

Before you hang your rice painting on the wall, clean and tidy the bedroom. Remove any clutter and create a space that allows your rice art to “breathe”.

Then decide where you want to hang the picture. Bear in mind the rule of thumb that the centre of the picture should be close to human eye level. In particular, you don’t want to have to look up in order to properly admire the picture. Also, aim to have paintings so that the bottom of the piece is about 25cm above the top of the bed or furniture beneath it.

bird paintings for sale in chicago

View this rice painting: Birds Fall in Love

Some people chose to hang rice art above their bed. Others choose to position it on a wall to that they see it as they drift off to sleep or first thing when they wake up.

Also, take into account other things in the room. You might position other objects close to the painting if they complement it in terms of subject, colour, or shape. Art and craft can work together to create a pleasing overall effect.

By following these tips, you can choose the perfect rice painting for your bedroom. Browse our online art gallery and select your beautiful and unique rice paintings for your bedroom now!