Featured Rice Art: Zebra Alone

A solitary zebra fills the frame Zebra Alone, a striking example of rice art. He turns his head to look at us, as if aware of our presence. Both the zebra and the viewers participate in the experience.

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View this animal rice painting: Zebra Alone

The zebra has always been one of nature's more intriguing creatures. What it lacks in colour, it makes up for with its complex lines and patterns. A native of Africa, the zebra is a resolutely wild creature. Hunted by lions and poachers, some types of zebra are on the verge of extinction. However, they have proven to be remarkably resilient creatures.

The zebra’s distinctive lines make this animal easy to identify. Each zebra has a unique pattern of stripes. These patterns are used as camouflage, and also to ward off flies. And they make it easy for individual zebras to identify each other. Their unmistakable appearance also makes them popular with wildlife photographers, as well as a recurring subject for art and craft.

Zebras have associations with values such as uniqueness and individualism. They are nature's mavericks. The zebra stares at you and declares, "I'm not like any other zebra." With this picture, you can celebrate your own uniqueness too.

Also, zebras often symbolise grace and elegance, being among nature’s most beautiful creatures. In African sociology, they are seen as a symbol of race politics, because of their unique mixture of black and white.

This rice painting is part of our animal art collection. It would be an ideal gift for a nature lover. Its calm contours make it suitable for relaxing areas of the house, such as the dining room and living room. As a statement of individuality, the painting would not be out of place on the wall of a corporate office.

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Like all our paintings, this rice art is 100% handmade by skilled artisans. It is also durable and water-resistant, promising many years of satisfaction.

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