Featured Rice Art: Lighthouse Birds in Flight

Our landscape paintings celebrate the relationship between nature and humans.

Since earliest times, natural landscapes have inspired artists, poets, and novelists. Nature shelters and nurtures us. It can be welcoming and soothing. And it can be powerful and awe-inspiring. It reminds us that we are guests on this planet, and we need to take good care of our temporary home.

Our landscape painting Lighthouse Birds in Flight is made from roasted rice. A classic seascape, the lighthouse stands guard on the coast, both welcoming and warning distant boats. The lighthouse's steady strength stands in contrast to the fluttering birds around it. A reassuring piece of rice art, this picture reminds of the value of the sturdy and long-term aspects of our life.

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Lighthouses have long been a symbol of protection, strong and steady as the storms roar around them. Their lights shine through the darkest nights, guiding sailors away from rocks and towards safe harbours. The solitary lighthouse keepers personify the ideal of devotion to duty, often climbing many cold, stone steps in order to put the safety of others above their own safety. Towering above the surrounding buildings, the lighthouse is the town’s imposing protector.

In this painting, the sea is calm, almost like glass, and as steady as the lighthouse that watches over it. The sea always stirs desires to travel, to find new lands, or even just escape from the agitations of the crowded, combative city. Boats head for the horizon, leaving the pleasures and the pains of the shoreline behind them. The salt air refreshes the mind and stirs the soul. And when the sea swells and churns, the lighthouse reminds travellers that safety is not far away.

The lighthouse is steady. The sea is calm. The only motion in this rice painting is the birds. Often a symbol of unchained freedom, here the birds fly above the land, above the horizon, and nearly above the lighthouse itself. Are they flying out towards the sea? Or returning home from far-off lands overseas? Wherever our journeys take us, we find reassurance when a steady glow in the darkness lights our way.

This rice painting is part of our landscape art collection. It would be an ideal gift for a friend, especially someone living by the sea. Its steady, calm atmosphere makes it suitable for bedrooms and living rooms. Its reassurance and sense of permanence could be used to motivate people, either in a work setting or a home office. This piece of rice art also riffs on the theme of collaboration, showing nature, humans, and birds coexisting in lively harmony.

Like all our paintings, this rice art is 100% handmade by skilled artisans. It is also durable and water-resistant, promising many years of satisfaction.

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Want to make this painting extra special? You can customise it to add your own special message for a friend, or even incorporate a picture of a special someone into the scene. You can work with our skilled artisans to create a unique and meaningful work of customised art.