Featured Rice Art: Four People, One Vision

Four People, One Vision is one of the most popular rice paintings in our art gallery! 

This cunning piece of surreal art has delighted, baffled and intrigued people in equal measure. To be honest, even we are not sure what this painting is about! But, like all the finest art and craft, it appeals to us on a deep, emotional level.

This surreal picture jars on first viewing. We get confused as we try to work out the scene. It looks like mirrors into infinity, but the lack of logical unsettles us. The man's face is hidden, adding to the sense of mystery. We assume he is a well-to-do professional, with his rather old-fashioned suit and bowler hat. 

He stands alone in a barren landscape. A solitary figure of mystery. His two hands are visible in this intriguing piece of handmade art. He holds the mirror steadily, indicating his own steady position in life and his stable temperament. 

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View this surreal painting: Four People, One Vision

The painting looks directly at us, challenging us to understand it. It's as if he is holding up a mirror to us, challenging our own perceptions. The road disappears into the distance, and at the same time it goes nowhere. The circular logical of the piece is both dizzying and invigorating. 

No matter how often you try to make sense of the painting, it will trip you up. It doesn't allow a logical response. Often, what doesn't click logically resonates with us on a more emotional level.

What do you see when you look at this picture?

This rice painting would be a delightful addition to any home. It is a certain conversation starter! Its provocative sense of mystery makes it ideal for rooms where people gather and converse, such as living rooms. 

It could also grace the wall of any corporate office. It challenges people to "think outside the box" and rise above their preconceptions. Companies in the creative section in particular would appreciate this piece. 

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Like all our paintings, this rice art is 100% handmade by skilled artisans. It is also durable and water-resistant

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