Decorating Your Home at Christmas

They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year. And for many people, it is.

Sure, there is a lot of stress and hassle at Christmas. Imminent family visits. End-of-year work deadlines. Bulging social calendars. (Not mention bulging waistlines!) Seemingly endless expenses. And the inevitable frantic search for last-minute gifts, especially for those people who unexpectedly gave you a gift this year.

Despite all the stress and noise, most of us still embrace the spirit of Christmas every year. We venture up into the attic, down into the basement, or out into the shed in search of the Christmas decorations. It becomes a shared social experience. We see trees and lights going up around us and we find ourselves getting drawn into the familiar ritual, and indeed the competition.

Rice art in Christmas setting

View this rice painting: Birds in Flight

In a way, putting up Christmas decorations gives us a warm tingle of nostalgia as it reminds us of our childhood. We remember the thrill of seeing the tree and decorations going up in December, and the accompanying anticipation of Christmas morning.

The tree lights were a signal that the Christmas holidays were fast approaching. We remember cosy evenings with our families, all of us warm inside while the snow and frost glistened outside.

As well as reminding us of our childhood, putting up decorations reminds us of our younger selves. We remember our youthful optimism, that time when the world seemed full of wonder and possibility. We lose that child-like sense of hope as we grow older, of course. But putting up the decorations at Christmas allows us to tap back into that excitement, that spirit of boundless joy, that our younger selves took for granted.

The symbolism of Christmas decorations is very important too. We are all familiar with the dark days of December, when night’s shadows begin to crawl at 3:00 in the afternoon and linger around belligerently until 10:00 the following morning. The days are short and cold. The lights on the Christmas tree are our way of shining a light in the darkness. Each Christmas candle is a reminder that we need someone to light up our way sometimes.

Also, of course, Christmas is a deeply religious time. Even for non-Christians, it is a time of spirituality and reflection, a chance to think about what values matter most as the darkness gathers around us. Is it the gift that’s most important, or the act of gift-giving itself? Is it the brightness of the lights that’s most important, or the hope they symbolise?

Rice art at Christmas

Rice art can be a refreshing and exciting twist on your traditional Christmas decorations. And don’t forget that a rice painting makes an ideal gift for a loved one!

Rice paintings can be easily incorporated into your Christmas display. Or they can be the main point of focus. The trick is to find a rice painting that reflects your own Christmas vision.

For many people, Christmas is a spiritual time. Our collection of religious rice art contains many thought-provoking paintings that meditate on Christian values. Or you may prefer a more spiritual rice painting, to capture your own spiritual quest.

Religious rice art in a Christmas setting

View this rice painting: Mary and Baby Jesus

Christmas also reminds us of the cycle of the seasons. Christmas rituals parallel many traditional celebrations of Mother Nature. The winter hibernation enters its coldest, deepest phase and we look forward to the Spring after the passing of the longest day. Our nature rice art collection is its own celebration of the wonders of nature.

We all have our own memories of Christmas. Perhaps you have a special place that your associate with Christmas. You might find the perfect rice painting in our city rice art collection. Or perhaps you’d like to commission a custom rice art piece of a place that has special Christmas resonance for you.

City rice art in Christmas setting

View this rice painting: Sunset Skyline

On the long, dark evenings of December, we have plenty of time to rest and reflect, and contemplate the things that provide true meaning in our lives. What values motivate you? What do you see as being your purpose? Our abstract rice art collection can motivate you to see deeper meaning in your daily routine. Or perhaps our surrealist rice art collection can shock you out of jaded thinking and spark your creativity!

Surrealist rice art in Christmas setting

View this rice painting: Four People, One Vision

As you get ready for this most wonderful time of the year, browse our online art gallery and be inspired. You might find the ideal piece to complete your Christmas scene. Or maybe you’ll stumble upon the ideal Christmas gift for a loved one.

Wishing you all joy and peace for this festive season!