A Maverick Spirit: Unconventional Rice Art

 A maverick spirit pervades through everything we do. We don’t settle for the normal or the usual. We look for something special and unique.

And we want to help you find the special, unique products that you are looking for.

Rice art: A unique product

We knew we wanted to work with a unique product, something more than a conventional gift. And when we went to Asia, we found the perfect product that appealed to our maverick spirit. Rice art was a unique combination of art and craft, vision and skill.

Want to find out more about how rice art is made?

Did you know that the original maverick was a Texan? Back in the mid-19th century, rancher Samuel A. Maverick became famous for not branding his herd of 400 cattle. He let them roam free. To this day, the word maverick is used to describe unbranded cattle.

Those free-spirit cattle in time became a symbol for the independent, free-thinking spirit so admired by people who head out for new frontiers. The cattle weren’t branded. They weren’t pigeon-holed. They made their own path from the ranch.

Today, when we think of mavericks, we think of people who are independent thinkers and disruptors. These are people who break away from crowd. They don’t follow the herd. They don’t vote along party lines. Like Maverick’s cattle, they roam free, making their own path. They don’t behave as people expect them to. They are unconventional. No one has put a brand on them!

animal painting for sale in austria

View the animal rice painting: Martial Horses Running

That’s the maverick spirit you will find in our online rice art gallery. Our thought-provoking and unconventional collection is your starting point on your journey to the perfect gift. You can find landscape paintings, surrealist paintings, animal paintings, nature paintings, religious art, urban art, abstract paintings, and even landmark art

Custom rice art: A unique service

We wanted to be more than just a conventional art gallery. Yes, we appreciate art. Yes, we admire the craft and dedication that go into each painting. And yes, we regard each painting as a unique and beautiful work of art.

However, we wanted to do something more. We wanted our customers to become part of the maverick journey. Working with our artisans, our customers could create their own rice paintings. They can encapsulate their own maverick spirit in a bespoke artwork.

If you like to start your creative maverick journey, head to our customised art page.

We know that companies and businesses can be mavericks too. New companies come along every few years that shift the paradigms and shake up the markets. Our enterprise solutions enable companies to tap into their maverick spirit. Whether it’s creating an artwork based on their logo or their core values, or a painting of their corporate headquarters, companies can embark on a creative path with our artisan to bring their culture to life.

abstract paintings for sale in milan

View this abstract rice painting: Spiral to Infinity

Do you want to inspire or motivate your employees? Check out our abstract art collection!

Maverick Deco and you: A unique partnership

We knew that we could create a strong bond with customers who shared our maverick spirit.

Our paintings appeal to people who were looking for an unusual gift. People who wanted something that you couldn’t pick up in just any mall or shopping centre. Something that wasn’t mass produced in an anonymous factory.

They appeal to people who think beyond the conventional. People who don’t settle for the ordinary or the usual. People who don’t slavishly follow trends and hashtags.

They would appeal to people who were independent thinkers and who were looking for unique gifts.

They would appeal to mavericks!

landscape paintings from maverick deco rice art gallery

View this rice painting: Boats in Full Sail

What if you want to embark on a maverick journey, but have a very limited budget? Remember, we are committed to delivering high quality at low cost. Keep an eye out for our special offers for some great bargains.

You might find the perfect landscape painting, animal painting, religious painting, city painting, religious painting, flower painting, portrait painting, or landmark painting!

Check out our online rice art gallery now.